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Post  Shar on Fri Jan 21, 2011 10:49 pm

Below is a list of things which you should NOT do.
Doing one of the below will result in a warning or being kicked from the org depending on the circumstances.

(Generals are allowed to kick org members)

1. Begging and constant whining,

2. Ninja looting,

3. Clan ganking,

4. Selling of guild-owned items,

5. Racism, sexism and abusive behavior in general,

6. E-baying, buying and selling credits, items or accounts on Ebay or similar.

7. Respect other peoples camps except if they abuse

What we expect from our members:

1. Treat others with respect,

2. Help your guild members where and when you can,

3. Come to org raids if possible

4. Defend our towers when we are under attack if you have a twink in range or help people to buff up

The City

1. Before dropping the cloak make sure you can bring it back up or arrange for someone else to do it.

2. You must give a complementary warning before dropping the cloak. A 2-5 minute warning is reasonable. In the bot do !timer 2m (or 5m) Cloak Drop

3. Do not enter the city when a raid is present unless the person that dropped the cloak says otherwise.

Failure to do the following will result in warning. Afterward depending on the situation could result in a lost of rank.

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