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Post  Shar on Fri Jan 21, 2011 10:37 pm

Application Form

1. Main Character Name - profession, level, alignment (clan / omni ) and current guild.

2. Alternate Toons - Post here name, profession and level of all your alts even those with very low lvl.

3. Describe your playstyle and tell us how much you play, for example: on the weekends or everyday.. if everyday then how many hours per day?

4. Where are you from and in which time zone are you in? (GMT time only, do /played ingame to see GMT time.)

5. I have read the org rules and I agree with them all

6. I have friends in Tiger Claw and they are... (Give us a list of the people you know if any)

Copy and Paste this to your application form.

To make an application form start a new topic by posting your User Name in the title and with the above in the body.

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